Safe use

help - fx trader
By following the following advice you can safely use Van Lanschot FX Trader.

Check the secure connection

When you are logged in, check whether the internet address in the address line starts with https: // / Login ... The 's' in 'https' stands for secure and indicates that you are in a secure environment. If there is only 'http' (without 's') then the internet connection is not secure.

Always log out

Are you ready with Van Lanschot FX Trader? Always log out by clicking on the 'log out' button. In this way you connect the secure connection. This means that no one can continue with Online Banking at an unguarded moment.

As extra security you will be automatically logged out if you do not perform any actions in the Van Lanschot FX Trader session that you open for more than a certain period.

Be careful when using e-mail

  • Never open a file or program that you have received from strangers.
  • Never just install a program that you have received via e-mail, chat box or from a newsgroup. Remove it directly from your computer (also from the Deleted Items folder).
  • Van Lanschot never distributes software via e-mail.
  • Van Lanschot will never ask you by telephone, e-mail or in a pop-up screen to provide confidential information, such as the PIN code of your bank card or digipass.
  • Van Lanschot will never ask you for a (security) update of Online Banking by telephone, e-mail or in a pup-up screen.

Protect your PC

  • Provide an active and up-to-date virus scanner and firewall
  • Do not install illegal and unknown software
  • Keep your operating system and internet browser up-to-date by turning on the automatic update function

More information

The Dutch Banking Association, to which our bank is also affiliated, has its own website on which you can read more about secure payment transactions. You see what measures banks take, which ways criminals use and how you can be ahead of them. Prevent abuse of your data. Read more at